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I am naught but a determined mess

I'm a chaotic shitstorm of a person, but like in a poetic way, you know?

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Birthdate:Dec 3
Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Website:My Neocites Site
I'm a small, angry, post-goth autistic alien art-punk weirdo living in Melbourne.

I would describe myself as:

- a maladaptive daydreamer trying and failing to cope with reality
- a full-time crazy person, meaning that taking care of my mental health is my full-time job these days
- a manic pixie dream girl with her own damn story
- Brian Molko's pink-haired little brother
- a dadaist shitfire of a human being

i'm also queer, non-binary, poly, an ambivert, an artist, a film maker, an anarchist, an athiest, a queer feminist, a perpetual learner, a witch, a lover, a fighter, and a mess. this lj is mostly just a place where i can be my melodramatic self and practice writing in more than a few sentences at a time.
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